Maxihost API Outage
Incident Report for Maxihost

On 1st June, the Maxihost API was unavailable for 12 minutes from 8:58 PM UTC to 9:10 PM UTC as a result of a file system permission issue on the production API server. This consequently affected the Dashboard and external API integrations.

Root cause

We recently made an improvement to our production infrastructure to make it more secure. Part of this was setting up a much more granular secure by default permission structure on the file system. This affected the API app server boot process that relies on a cache to speed up boot times.

Resolution and recovery

Our engineers were able to identify the issue as soon as it occurred via our application monitoring system, addressed the issue, and resumed normal operation.

Corrective and preventive measures

We deeply apologize for the disruption, service reliability is always a top priority for Maxihost and we understand how critical our services are to your company. We’re working with our teams to set up an alternative application boot process that is less dependent on a file cache.
Posted Jun 01, 2021 - 17:30 GMT-03:00